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elva camacho

I'm a fearless Constitutionalist Conservative American running for Texas State Representative in your District 90. 

Our district deserves a Representative who will defend our 

family values and principals. 

My Drive For My District.

Protecting our homestead rights, our faith and the values of the family unit.

Our homes and families are of the most importance to develop strong relationships within our dwellings and schools. They each set the foundation for success with responsibilities in itself.

The family unit needs reinforcement when meeting the daily costs of living. Texans work very hard to furnish their lives . High taxes can be burdensome.  The struggle to maintain the security needed to pay those forbearance of funds that partake in too much government. 

It must stop.

  • Defending our borders is critical for our sovereignty and safety. I will support the law,  those serving in Law Enforcement (local/state/federal) and our President in that safety.
  • Supporting our Military 100%.
  • Being a Constitutionalist is imperative to this position. Fort Worth needs a defender who will honor our inalienable rights SET by our Constitution as it is written, including the defense of our 2nd Amendment to protect ourselves.
  •  Voter Integrity. MANDATORY qualifications and expectations during our election process. Fort Worth was a target 2 years ago. This happened in our very own District 90 in Northside Fort Worth. Voters need reassurance knowing the integrity of the workers who facilitate the service of elections will honor the job.

We are in a fight for our freedom, our American way and anything moral.

Serving The Community

My family has a lifetime of community service here in Fort Worth. As a child it became instilled in me the importance to give back. I myself have been blessed to serve and support my communities.

 The value of being connected to the people in our community infrastructure is one of my continuing goals and to re-establish relationships with Law Enforcement and the people they protect. paid for by Elva Camacho Campaign 2020

United By A Common Goal


The leaders of our local government offices are chosen to represent our communities. 

Are you happy with your local leaders in government? 

Your representative should be one who seeks community input.

 Has your voice been heard? 

Let me be the new voice for you. Let me carry your voice as your State Representative Texas House District 90. 

Mission Statement

As a Constitutionalist Conservative Candidate, I’m committed to the reformation of our political system. Together we will work to re-establish the trust in our State and local government by voicing your concerns directly to the State Capital and creating or amending new/existing laws dedicated to fiscal responsibility and ethical accountability. 

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Block walking, volunteering and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.

Prayers  help too.

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